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Short Sales Freedom Team Excels!

Homefront Realty had a fantastic team meeting yesterday!   In fact, it was so excellent that I was compelled to blog about our Short Sale service to distressed homeowners.  "Distressed" is not a pleasant word and honestly, there isn't anything joyful or fun about facing financial hardships.  However; at Homefront Realty, we have perfected the system that is by far the best option when a homeowner is facing the reality of losing their home.  Our Freedom Team has closed over 100 short sales and the compelling fact that we have a 98% success rate in getting our short sale listings closed AND a 100% success rate in getting our sellers a full satisfaction is a "must meet" reason for homeowners to accept their invitation to a FREE, no obligation consultation on How the Short Sale/Foreclosure Timeline happens and how they can avoid foreclosure.  Our Homefront Realty Freedom Team shares the options with them and assists the homeowner with their decision to either try a loan modification or a short sale.  I feel that when someone has information and knowledge about something that can truly benefit another person, we have an obligation to share the good news! Instead of facing the real possibility of losing your home and walking away with your closing papers stamped "debt-owed or deficiency", you can walk away with your closing paperwork stamped "Forgiven!! . . . clean, free, and cleared".  Call 727-641-4444 for your FREE, no obligation consultation to learn about the pre-foreclosure  process and your options.  There is hope . . . and it lies in our Freedom Team prorietary process.  Brighter days are ahead!

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